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Connection head
DAN W4-M2A-4x-NS-CaL

Description and application

Connection head
DAN W4-M2A-4x-NS-CaL

DAN W4-M2A-4xNS-CaL connection head is primarily used to protect connectors of temperature sensors, which are designed for rubber mixers for rubber compounds.

Connection heads DAN W4-M2A-4xNS-CaL are optional accessories for temperature sensors and they can be bought separately.

  • Specifications
  • Dimensional draft
Metal connection head DAN W4-M2A-4x-NS-CaL
Material of body aluminium pressurre die-castings
Temperature range -40 to 150 °C
Cable gland material nickel - plated brass; other metal parts - stainless steel; seals - silicone rubber (-40 to 150 °C)

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.

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