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Converter ST4PT-CAN-66

Description and application

Converter ST4PT-CAN-66

The four-channel temperature converter – digital output with CAN protocol and ingress protection IP 66 ST4PT-CAN-66 is designed for installation on rolling stock, which require a two-wire cable and CAN protocol for data communication. Its use is universal. The first application serves for the indication of the temperature of axle bearings of six-axle locomotives, the outdoor temperature and the temperature of the engine compartment.

The ST4PT-CAN-66 converter is made using special technology so that it is resistant against vibrations and shocks in accordance with EN 61373:2002 “Railway Equipment – Equipment for Rolling Stock – Shock and Vibration Tests” for category 1, class B equipment for installation on car cabinets and is installed in a protective cabinet ensuring IP 66 ingress protection. Moreover, it is in compliance with EN 50155 ed. 3, table 2, operation up to 1400 m above sea level, temperature class TX, EN 50155 ed. 3, chapter Class S2 – supply voltage – interruption up to 10 ms. Conditions C1 and C2 are permissible for switching power supplies.

The ST4PT-CAN-66 converter was developed by AMiT spol. s r.o. for SENSIT s.r.o.

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Type ST4PT-CAN-66
Type of sensing element adjustable Pt 100/3850 or Pt 1000/3850
Temperature range and accuracy -50 to 400°C; 1°C accuracy in full scope
Ambient temperature -40 to 70 °C
Measuring current of temperature sensors < 0.3 mA
Sensor connection 2w (4w)
Supply voltage 16 – 28 VDC, nominal 24 VDC/100 mA
Program features Based on DS 401 CiA standards
Galvanic separation YES
Sensor connection using connector Binder 99-1525-812-04
Power supplyconnection using connector Binder 99-1526-812-04
CAN interface connection (galvanic separation) using connector Binder 99-1538-812-05
Wiring network all cables leading to the unit must be shielded
Mechanical design waterproof and resistant boxes fitted with connectors (see above)
Ingress protection IP 66 in accordance with EN 60 529
Installation by 4 screws for car cabinet
Mating connectors on the box Binder 99-1525-812-04 (4 pc sensors);
Binder 99-1526-812-04 (1 pc supply);
Binder 99-1538-812-05 (2 pc CAN buses),
are included with the converter
Insulation resistance > 200 MΩ at 500 V DC, 15 - 35 °C, humidity < 80 %
Electric strength > 1,2 kV AC, 60 s
Shock and vibration resistance in accordance with EN 61 373:2002
EMC compatibility in accordance with EN 50 121-3-2 ed. 2_2007

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.

Datasheet - 4-channel temperature convertor
Datasheet - 4-channel temperature convertorDatasheet - 4-channel temperature convertor
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